by Kelly & Kristin on August 3, 2009

Thanks for stopping by to have a look at our new collaborative project! To get you started, we already have a week’s worth of menus posted, but from now on we’ll be posting a dinner menu every day. It’s an ambitious goal, but by swapping weeks (Kristin is doing the first week, Kelly will do week 2, and so on), we hope to have enough variety to appeal to everyone, especially as time goes on and our archives grow.

For years now, both of us have sat down with our cookbooks, magazine clippings or bookmarked blog recipes to plan out the meals for the week for our families. Most of the time this is something we enjoy doing, rather than a chore, since we both love to cook and bake. But there are plenty of times too when we’re tired or uninspired, when nothing sounds good or we’ve left it to the last minute. So Kristin got to thinking that it would be a good idea to pool her resources with Kelly, and from there, sharing our menus on a blog was a natural next step.

Our blog is different from most other cooking blogs out there in that we’ll be posting a menu every day, not just a single recipe (unless it’s a one-dish dinner like pasta or stew). Oftentimes when reading blogs or flipping through cookbooks, we think a particular side dish or main course looks great, but are still left to come up with other dishes to serve it with. We hope that our blog will make things that much easier for other busy cooks by providing a complete meal all in one go.

So be sure to check back every day or subscribe in a blog reader or via email so you never miss a recipe, and we’d love it if you passed on the link (http://dinnerdujour.org) to any of your friends and family who you think would enjoy it too.

From our kitchens to yours,
Kelly & Kristin

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